Pregnancy Safe Hair Dye: Free of Ammonia and with Natural Ingredients

Are hair dyes safe to use during pregnancy? What is the best safe hair dye for pregnancy? How to dye hair naturally? The right answers are all here…

Pregnancy Safe Hair Dye: Free of Ammonia and with Natural Ingredients

Being pregnant is one of the most treasured gifts of women. Carrying a child can be a rewarding experience but also put you through a lot of changes especially with your body. It is no easy task carrying a baby and you will experience different physical difficulties and changes that may even make you feel bad about yourself. Although this may sound scary, there are things you can do to take care of yourself and pucker you up when you are feeling down.

Getting your hair done or even a change of color can instantly brighten up any mood. On a regular day, getting a new hair color is as easy as going to the salon or getting a box of hair color from your local drugstore. But while carrying a baby you need to think of all the chemicals or ingredients that your body will absorb during the hair coloring process.

Hair Dye and Pregnancy

Most cosmetic products and procedures have labels and warnings regarding the use of pregnant women. This is because there might be ingredients you are usually not sensitive to, but might irritate you during pregnancy. It is also a precaution for the safety of your baby. You and your baby are sharing one body so you need to take into consideration whatever you are putting on your skin, or eating and drinking.

It is the same with hair dyes. Hair dyes are usually not dangerously toxic, but it is good to be cautious during pregnancy. This is because your skin might be irritated or you might find the scent of the chemicals too strong for you.

Although only small amounts of hair dye are actually touching your skin and generally will not harm the baby, it is good to take precautions when proceeding with hair coloring treatments while pregnant.

How to Color Your Hair Safely While Pregnant?

Wait Until Your Second Trimester

The second trimester is generally the safe period to color your hair to minimize potential effects to a developing fetus. Also, it will also ensure that your hair will not grow out during the 9 months of your pregnancy and risk wanting to get a second hair color treatment once the roots grow out.

Alternative Hair Treatments

If you are being cautious but still want to ramp up your style, you can ask the salon to do some streaking or highlights instead of doing the whole hair. This will prevent long exposure to chemicals and minimize contact of hair dye to the scalp.

Safer Hair Color

If you are going for a whole change of color it is best to choose an ammonia-free hair dye. It may not be as permanent as your usual hair dye but it can lessen your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. You may opt for vegan and henna hair dyes that are made from natural components that are safe for you and your baby.