How Much Does Your Hair Weigh When Dry and Wet?

How much does hair weigh? Not many people know the answer nor do they know how to increase hair weight/volume. So let’s get to know all of it here…

How Much Does Your Hair Weigh When Dry and Wet?

Do you have hair that feels heavy that is why you chop it every so often? Or do you have thin hair then you are trying to grow to put somebody in your hairstyle? Do you wonder how much hair weighs? Whatever your reason for asking, the answer is here.


What is hair?

Hair is made of keratin, a type of tough protein. It is anchored by hair follicles and hair bulbs. The cells in the hair bulbs get nourishment from the blood vessels. Through these blood vessels, hormones are also delivered, that provides hair growth and structure.

The 3 Main Parts of a hair are the hair shaft which you see as the actual length of the hair; the hair root which is the hair underneath the scalp; and the bulb which is where the hair comes from.

The hair has also 3 different layers: the cuticle, the outer layer of the hair; the cortex where the natural hair color is found; and the medulla which is only visible with thick hair types.

Weight of Hair

Each strand of hair is so lightweight that a regular scale cannot detect accurately. A hair that is long enough to reach the hips or even the butt may weigh 5 ounces or more.
If you take into account dreadlocks that look thick and dense, they can weigh around 3 pounds for a 62 feet long hair in dreadlocks.


How Much Does Wet Hair Weigh?

Now that you know that hair is generally lightweight, it is a different thing when it is wet. The weight of the water is to be accounted for this time.
Water tends to be absorbed by the hair in small amounts and also depending on the degree of soak. The amount of water added to the weight of your hair may vary depending on the length of your hair, as the longer the hair, more water can be carried and added to the weight; depending on the soak, as deeper and longer soak will make even the skin on your scalp absorb more water.


How to Increase or Decrease the Weight of Your Hair?

You can make your hair grow thicker and longer that could add to its weight, or cut it off shorter or have a layered haircut that will make it lighter. Other methods and factors to hair weight are the things you put on your hair and body.


Coconut oil massaged on your scalp at night religiously will help your hair grow much thicker, longer, and faster. The combination of the oil’s components and regular massaging will help blood circulate more into the scalp thus making the hair grow much faster.

Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Using volumizing shampoo and conditioners will not just help your hair look beautiful and healthy but also help your hair to retain moisture and stay hydrated. A healthy hair that is well-hydrated is heavier but more beautiful and strong.

Protein Intake

Since hair is made of protein, increasing your protein intake through food, drinks and supplements will help your hair get the nutrients that it needs to grow thicker and longer. Knowing that what you put inside of your body will reflect on how your body or your hair looks can greatly benefit your hair journey.


Lifespan of Hair

But if you are passionate about hair, it is important to know that each hair has 2 to 7 years of lifespan. And each of your hair will not grow at the same rate and at the same time that is why you experience hair fall daily.


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