How to get slime out of hair

No one has gone through childhood without ever playing with slime. This gooey mixture of household items is both a fascinating science lesson about chemical reactions and a toy we all loved to play with. Unfortunately, slime can become a parent’s worst nightmare. They look away for a few seconds, and the slime is now stuck in their kids’ hair.

While most people think removing slime from hair is a hopeless case and just decide that it’s time for a haircut, there is still hope to save your hair! From conditioners to oil and vinegar, there are lots of safe and easy ways to remove this oozy substance without reaching for scissors. If you ever find yourself or your kid in this situation, keep reading to find out how to get out of this literally sticky situation in just a few minutes!

Removing slime using oil

One of the most common ways to remove slime is by applying oil. You can use olive oil, vegetable oil, baby oil, or any type of oil that you can easily find at your home. Oil-heavy products such as peanut butter and mayonnaise can also be used as substitutes!

Apply a few drops of oil or a dollop of an oil-heavy product into the affected area. Massage it into your hair to pull out the slime with your fingertips or a fine-toothed comb. Try not to tangle your hair so you can remove the slime easily. Once the slime has been completely pulled out, take a shower with warm water and wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to get rid of any oily residue left behind.

Removing slime using conditioner

For this method, you’ll need a combination of warm water and conditioner. In general, conditioners are oil-based so expect that this will work the same way as applying the oil directly on your hair.

First, soak your hair in warm water. If the affected area is at the top of the head, taking a warm shower is recommended but if it’s only at the ends, you just have to soak the slime-covered area. Afterwards, apply the conditioner to break down the slime. You can either use your fingertips or a fine-toothed comb. Make sure that no slime is left on your hair strands before rinsing. Clean your hair with shampoo.

Removing slime using vinegar

Vinegar is another easy-to-find ingredient that can remove slime on your hair, but it releases powerful fumes that can be dangerous when inhaled for a long time so make sure that you’re in an open space when using this product. Make sure to protect your eyes with goggles as well!

Create a mixture of 1/3 cup of warm water and 2/3 cup of apple cider or white vinegar. Before application, pull out as much slime as you can. If the remaining slime can’t be removed without tugging at your hair, proceed to the application of the diluted vinegar mixture to your hair.

If the slime is near the ends, simply soak the affected area in the mixture. Pour the mixture into your hair instead if the slime is stuck on the top of your head or on multiple parts of your hair. Wash with shampoo to remove the remaining debris, making sure to lather the product to get rid of the smell.

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